Book Review: From Peanuts to the Pressbox

I was given a copy of Eli Gold’s book to review – “From Peanuts to the Pressbox Insider Sport Stories From A Life Behind The Mic” – by Thomas Nelson company. However, given that I’m a Bama fan – and the fact that the Tide just won the National Championship – I was very happy to give it a read.

As you would expect the book is an easy read with lots of great stories from Eli’s experiences in a variety of sports. In and around Birmingham his voice is recognized easily – from Alabama football or NASCAR. This book doesn’t necessarily compel you to finish it quickly or draw you to turn the page, but it does give an insider’s take of the sportscaster role..

Eli Gold went from a New York kid fascinated by sports to a widely recognized voice – in Alabama football and for NASCAR. Selling peanuts at Madison Square Garden to Bryant-Denny and Talladega. I can hear his voice in my head saying ‘Tide Wins! Tide Wins!” and “TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA”. Those are sweet words in a state that bleeds crimson.