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Alabama Road Trips?

How many interesting places are close to home? Let’s find out! Starting with the Alabama Travel website and adding some of my own to the list. Some of these I can check off my list… How many Alabama Road Trips have you done?

Read and share your opinion please. Thanks!

“Where you live should not determine if you live. Where you live should determine what you give.” — Joy in the Journey

Micah 6:8

do justice, love mercy. walk humbly…

a bit of perspective…

  So today I took a look at my Google Reader feed. As usual, there are more blog posts than I want to read – so I skim. I came to this one and thought I needed to share it. You see Kelsey is not starting college now like most of her friends who graduated …

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our trip to Cape Town from Mel’s point of view

I was blessed to be part of a team from Shades to Cape Town, South Africa to serve with Melanie at Capricorn. We worked through Living Hope – which is a wonderful organization. We stayed at the Team House; I can heartily recommend it – great place, great people, great view. It’s good to read …

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Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa – July 2011 A beautiful place!


(Click the title “Alaska” to see a photo gallery) cruising on Celebrity Infinity with Shades Sr. Adults – August 2010 – Seattle, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, Victoria