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Tip: iGoogle / igHome

OK, so igoogle is going away – like google reader. Blah!!! I’ve been using igoogle for several years and it’s become quite a habit and convenience! BUT ighome is pretty close. It’s based on your google account and you can add gadgets to see multiple accounts and feeds at once. It’s become my go-to page. …

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TIP: a prayer reminder tool

Echo is a tool to help you pray more diligently. Pray for your friends, family, church, country, personal issues – and thank God continually. Echo actively sends you reminders. You customize it in the way that’s most useful for you — you can get emails or text messages any time throughout the week — and it reminds you to pray for one person or issue at a time.

Got any remnant gift cards with balances of less than $5 in your wallet? What can you do with them?

I’ve been wondering what to do with the AmEx gift card with the balance of $3.23 on it. Yesterday I found a great solution. Use it at the gas pump (to buy about 1 gallon of fuel!). The card gets authorized only for the amount remaining. Sweet! I did this by mistake – and I …

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How to clean your washing machine

with water and white vinegar

Password Security

When is a password secure? How long would it take a hacker to break it?

Use this website to check your own password. Mine hit 2 million years…

Google+ Privacy?

Although Google+ Plus has inherently more security, there are a number of things you can do and keep in mind, to make sure you’re doing all that you can to maximize your privacy options. Even if you have a, “let the world know” perspective, it’s still a good idea to understand just how Google+ Plus handles privacy.


Google Plus or G+ – social networking by Google – launched June 28, 2011 as invitation only – Google+ reached 10 million users in 2 weeks during ‘limited’ trail phase

Tip: Biblegateway.com & Youversion.com

Are you carrying a Bible with you most of the time? Probably so…it’s your phone. If you have a phone with Internet access, you have a Bible. And it’s possible to have a Bible on the phone even when you’re not near a hotspot.

Tip: Google search info

Google search can be powerful and easy to use!

Tip: browsers and stuff

Chrome – by Google. It’s fast, secure, simple and stable. It’s appearance is very minimalistic – and that’s a good thing.