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Old School Computer Remix

Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know

HUMOR: The Secret of Tech Support

Things that lead to burnout!

Ten things to do to cause burnout for IT professionals…

Password Security

When is a password secure? How long would it take a hacker to break it?

Use this website to check your own password. Mine hit 2 million years…

Social Media in the post 9/11 world

This article started my thought process… 9/11 In A Social Media World: How The Times Have Changed The absence of social media 10 years ago – what did we miss since tweeting, facebook, and texting were not widely used? This is another posting that is relevant; it compares 9/11/01 with the day Osama was killed in May …

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Google Plus or G+ – social networking by Google – launched June 28, 2011 as invitation only – Google+ reached 10 million users in 2 weeks during ‘limited’ trail phase

Tip: Google search info

Google search can be powerful and easy to use!

use a gmail address? you need to know this…

You can use ONE gmail address – with a little tweak here and there – for multiple purposes. Did you know that yourname@gmail.com is delivered just like your.name@gmail.com or yourname+specialpurpose@gmail.com or yourname+file13@gmail.com or yourname+spam@gmail.com? Well, it is. Get excited folks! This is good news!!! What this means is that you can add a dot (*.*) …

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‘green’ PC – will it catch on? catch on fire, that is?

Could this be real?