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Book Review: The Forgotten by David Baldacci

This book was a gift. I’ve never read a Baldacci book. A friend thought I would like it because it deals with the issue of human trafficking. She was right!

The eye & the mind can be fooled!

HUMOR: Life’s Truths for Adults

These are just some funny lines that made me laugh – maybe they’ll make you laugh too. They were sent to me by GCFL.net.

Matt’s first touchdown!

August 13, 2011 – Matt Wyatt (#14) picks up a fumble and runs 65 yards for a TD!

Just for fun…

some humor


Fences Anyone? On our cruise ship a few weeks ago, there was a basketball court on the top deck. It had a really high fence! You would have to almost intentionally throw the ball over the fence to put it out of the court. And guess what? If you did, you wouldn’t have a basketball …

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