Funeral Processions – what should you do?

As I was leaving work for lunch yesterday, I met a LONG funeral procession coming up Columbiana Road. It must have had 50 cars.

Now, Columbiana Road is a four-lane there with a center turn lane. There was no logistical reason to pull over, but growing up in small town America – that’s what you do! It shows respect for the family of the dead – or something like that.

I did a little googling and came up a few tidbits. You only pull over if it is safe and will not cause traffic issues. There is no obligation to pull over if there are no police escorts. In days past, you could tell a procession using the headlight method. Now that some cars had auto-headlights during the day, that’s not possible.

So – do you pull over? Only if it’s convenient? Always?

Personally, I usually do – I was just raised that way…