This weekend in sports

Roll Tide – solid win over Florida

Auburn soared over one of the LA schools

Matt’s football team ‘almost won’ 🙂

Braves win the last game of the season to make it to the playoffs.

Matt came running up after his game and his words are very telling. From a six-year-old perspective – ‘We almost won!!!’. I’ll bet that’s NOT what the Tennessee fans are thinking after the loss to LSU.

Sports bring out passion and emotion and displays of self-control (or lack thereof). People usually don’t mind expressing themselves with shouts of Roll Tide or War Eagle or Go Braves or Way to go Cougars… Or do they? What were the Gators saying during the second half of last Saturday’s beating? What about the Padres who just missed the playoffs? Are they expressing praise for a team that ‘almost’ made it? For people who did great, but someone else literally ‘dropped the ball’ and the season is over?

This is the part where I say that we (Christ-followers) WIN in the end; we’ve read the end of the Book; “Victory in Jesus”.

So why are we not acting like winners? Do we lose a little ‘battle’ and act like we’ve lost the war? Did someone squelch your pet project? Have you net had a ‘pat on the back’ today? Did someone else drop the ball when you did your very best? What if you didn’t know the latest news until “that person” told you; the one you always want to impress?

TEAM = body of Christ   Read I Corinthians 12 – I dare you to read it with an open mind about team attitudes!

Guess what? The last paragraph is Paul saying that we’re a whole body, not a bag of separate parts; we need each other. We need structure and support from each other. We don’t need to be vying for the ‘important’ jobs. And Paul says in the last sentence, let me show you a better way. And that takes us to I Corinthians 13 – the LOVE chapter. If only we would function in love – as a body…