Book Review: The Help – does it teach us how to fight human trafficking / modern day slavery?

Reading “The Help” was fast and confusing and eye-opening and passionate. This stuff really happened? In my lifetime – sort of? And people died?

Was the topic slavery? Not exactly… People were paid for their work – at least on some terribly wrong scale. Could they have lives of their own? Sure… as long as they kept to themselves and didn’t interfere with the ‘white folk’. Were the expectations high for their character? Of course – they were trusted in the house, with the family secrets, and with the children.

The slavery that my grandparents talked about was very different. Or was it? Maybe not. My family didn’t fit in the rich land owner category – so maybe my perspective is skewed.

Not that this ‘problem’ is gone or resolved or only in the past… But what is the social issue of the day? For me, it’s human trafficking. One year ago I don’t know what answer I would have given you. I have been exposed to the issue of human trafficking from so many directions in the past six months! It’s a very real problem – and one that we must do something about…

Here are some ways:
Freeset – I spent some time with these women in Calcutta in April. They live in one of the darkest place I’ve ever been. Help set them free! – support Traffickstop! They are doing great things to prevent women and children from being tricked into slavery.
Freedom to Thrive – a local (BHM) coalition working against trafficking; it happens right here where we live!
Make Way Partners – This is a local organization (in BHM) working to help those who have no advocate.
ZOE International – great ministry working on these issues; can’t wait to get involved with them!

Like reading ‘The Help’ – the human trafficking issue is fast and confusing and eye-opening and passionate! Are you going to ‘help’ or stand quietly by and pretend you don’t know about it?