use a gmail address? you need to know this…

You can use ONE gmail address – with a little tweak here and there – for multiple purposes.

Did you know that is delivered just like or or or Well, it is. Get excited folks! This is good news!!!

What this means is that you can add a dot (*.*) anywhere in yourname and the email will still be delivered. Gmail just ignores the dots.

Ever better news is the ability to append a plus (*+*) sign and any combination of words or numbers after your username. This gives you the ability to filter on these addresses. For donations user and then use an incoming email rule to send them all to one folder. This is a great way to stay organized. If you use as a ‘throwaway’ address, then when you get an email directed to yourname+file13 you can just filter it to the trash. (A throwaway address is when an email address is required, but you don’t really want whatever is being sold or encouraged or propagated. Hence, it’s an email that you don’t really want, so you can just send it to the trash.)