Book Review: A Century Turns by William J. Bennett

I’ve had this book to review for quite a while, and to be honest it’s been a struggle to read. I picked it on because it sounded like it might be an interesting perspective on the past couple of decades. Bennett takes the years 1998-2008 and gives his perspective on them. However, reading through the last twenty years of history is no more encouraging or positive than living through it! That is unfortunate.

Bennett picks up the history trail in 1998 with the Clinton years. He covers the political and cultural changes over the next twenty years. This includes the technology boom of the 90s, the war of terror, the changing political face of world governments and Communism, and the election of the first black President of the United States.

While I didn’t really enjoy reading this book, it is not the fault of the author but the content that I didn’t like. Although I can’t endorse the enjoyment factor for A Century Turns, Bennett does a good job of presenting the history of these two decades and their importance in our country’s legacy.