Tip: Biblegateway.com & Youversion.com

Are you carrying a Bible with you most of the time? Probably so…it’s your phone. If you have a phone with Internet access, you have a Bible. And it’s possible to have a Bible on the phone even when you’re not near a hotspot.

BibleGateway – keyword search, plenty of versions, and a “just the basics” type attitude; Great for a quick reference look up

YouVersion – search, great reading plans, mobile browser minded, parallel versions, offline reading for some versions, potential for creating your own notes

There are other options, but these are my favorites. I use Biblegateway to quickly look up a verse if I want to paste it in an email or document. Biblegateway is also my choice when I want several versions of one verse. When I’m following a reading plan or doing a bit of digital Bible reading, I choose youversion.

There are a few cons to digital reading – lack of context (it’s hard to skim up and down a page quickly), distractions like email popping up and other ‘noise’ gets in the way of concentration – there’s nothing like losing yourself in a book…

Give them a try! Let me know what you think.