5 Minute Challenge – Eritrea

All evangelical churches were closed following the government’s ban on all religious groups other than state-approved Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran or Islamic groups in 2002. Anyone discovered to be an evangelical is tortured and forced to revert to the registered denominations. If they don’t, they are held in military camps without trial. Around 1500 are believed to be imprisoned; at least five died in 2011. Others were released so they wouldn’t die in custody. In 2011 there was a renewed crackdown on house churches; at least 23 believers were imprisoned.











  • Many Christians fled the country in 2002, so the majority of believers are recent converts. Pray for their spiritual growth
  • Ask God to physically and spiritually sustain His children who are imprisoned in inhumane conditions
  • For worldwide awareness of the plight of Eritrean Christians.

[from http://www.worldwatchlist.us/]