Book Review: Grace by Max Lucado


Such a big word to only be 5 little letters. It’s a subject that even a child can understand, but we never fully grasp the full meaning.

Max Lucado does a great job, as usual, of crafting the narrative to keep the reader involved and intrigued. He suggests that grace is available to all – and needed by all. Yet it is only effective to the extent that we allow it in our lives.

The book itself is well-written and easy to read. It has resources that easily lend it to a study or discussion group. It could also be used as a devotional book – and is well-suited to be a gift book.

Here are some questions posed – and answered – in this book about grace:

Do we really understand it?
Have we settled for wimpy grace?
Do you believe in grace?
Have you been changed by grace?
Are you softened by grace?
Has grace snatched you by your neck and shaken you to your senses?

The book is fleshed out with the author’s personal stories about grace, along with the stories of others. It accomplishes it’s purpose as we meditate and reflect on grace – how it affects us personally and the effect of grace in the lives of others.