Five Minute Friday: Beloved


“Dearly Beloved” – the opening words of ministers through the years at the beginning of weddings. But what does that mean? And who are the ‘dearly beloved’? The words carry such a stilted, old feel. Modern language would probably say friends and family – those we love…

The formal language of ‘dearly beloved’ draws the attention of young women who are anxious for marriage and romance and all that weddings seem to be. It might also cause panic attacks and anxiety. 🙂

The point is that a gathering of loved ones is happening for some purpose. This might also happen at funerals, but the wording is not associated as strongly as that of weddings

So what does beloved mean? Dearly loved… It carries weight and associations and implied feelings that are stronger than whims and passing thoughts. Jesus uses the team in the New Testament for his disciples, particularly John.

Who is your beloved?