turning your back…on the crowd

This post by Ann Voskamp appeared in front of me this morning. Here’s an excerpt:


We all get to choose where we set up the stage of our lives — before the Crowds, the Court, the Congregation, the Critics (inner or otherwise)-– or the Cross of Christ.

All except One will assess your performance.

Only One will accept you before your performance.


When identity is not drawn from a performance – but drawn toward a Person, the person of Jesus – this is the place where a life makes music. If your performance is fueled by a need for acceptance, that is what burns your life out.

But when His already acceptance is the very fuel of your performance – this is what ignites a life into pure glory.

Profound acceptance is what gives you profound performance.

Now you can give the performance of your life — because it’s based on the completeness of your acceptance: Which means you dance.

Which means an erupting relief of grateful joy moves you.

Which means there’s this symphonic movement — that moves the world.

Listen – it’s not how you perform; it’s unconditional love based on your acceptance by God