Alto – Dina’s Party

In mixed choral groups, alto is the part next highest to the soprano – which is usually carrying the melody. It is typically sung by women and is a harmony line. In my experience in church and other choirs, altos typically read music and can ‘hear’ the harmony. They also usually have a lower range and can sing notes overlapping with tenor parts. This loose description holds when applied to 4 part harmonies from church hymns.

The alto section in the Shades choir has been blessed with many wonderful and diverse ‘women of God’ over the years. Once such woman is 83 today. Even during the summer months on a non-choir rehearsal night, about half of the alto section celebrated Dina last night. The party was typical Dina-style with fun and funny accessories and plenty of laughter.

We are an alto family – we love and laugh and cry and pray together. One positive thing we gained from the pandemic was becoming better friends through Zoom, and praying with and for each other, and having time to listen to each other’s lives and stories and highs and lows. Our alto section is a force of more than 40 women to be reckoned with – leaders in life and love and faith and worship.

Carry on ‘women of God’! and Happy Birthday Dina.