Who is God?

I hope you can see the photo I’ve attached. When I walked into the North Lobby at work on Monday morning, that is what I saw. In keeping with Danny’s new sermon series on the Attributes of God, this tri-stand has been set up for people to share how God has revealed Himself. Walking past …

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ASAP – Alabama Roadside Assistance

Driving home from the beach yesterday, we passed a girl/woman with a flat tire on the interstate median. She was changing the tire herself. Not feeling capable or equipped to stop and help her, I felt I needed to do something. So I dialed *HP, for the ASAP (roadside assistance) truck. I was greeted by …

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Attributes of God

Attributes of God – Danny’s new series has me thinking… Somewhere in the sermon yesterday he said words that came together for me this way. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, OK? You can’t take all the good, positive things about God and put them together – and think that God has some love, holiness, …

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