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5 Minute Challenge (2012)

Take the 5 minute challenge and commit 5 minutes a week to pray for each country on the World Watch List.

By the end of 2012, we will have prayed for all 50 countries on the World Watch List.

It’s all about Jesus…

Take the time to read this… It’s the blog post of Saskia’s thoughts from Passion 2012 – based on her experiences in the battle against human trafficking around the world. I’ve been following her journey for a year or so, and it’s worth your time to hear from her.

what is freedom? (Piper at Passion 2012)

John 8:32, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

There are at least four kinds of freedom. And each one adds a crucial dimension of freedom to the last until we get to the full Christian freedom — “free indeed.”

The WellHouse – Alabama’s only 24 hour emergency shelter for women

Can you help stock a kitchen pantry? This is a local, hands-on way to help in the fight against trafficking! The WellHouse has new place for women to live. I was there this morning. It’s going to be great refuge, but they need help getting it ready to move in. I’m tackling the issue of stocking the kitchen pantry. If you’re willing to help, leave me a comment.

January 1, 2012

Great way to start 2012!!! Investing in people and relationships.

Happy Birthday to my church – Shades Mountain Baptist!!!

We are 100 years old today!

a bit of perspective…

  So today I took a look at my Google Reader feed. As usual, there are more blog posts than I want to read – so I skim. I came to this one and thought I needed to share it. You see Kelsey is not starting college now like most of her friends who graduated …

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A Professor Professes Christ in Libya

95% of Libyans will never meet a real follower of Jesus. So as a Christian professor, he was a bit of an oddity among students and faculty.

modern-day Good Samaritan?

This is a real life Good Samaritan story – a story of reaching out to those who don’t have the strength to reach out themselves. It’s heartbreaking and tragic and frequent! It’s human trafficking – modern-day slavery.

our trip to Cape Town from Mel’s point of view

I was blessed to be part of a team from Shades to Cape Town, South Africa to serve with Melanie at Capricorn. We worked through Living Hope – which is a wonderful organization. We stayed at the Team House; I can heartily recommend it – great place, great people, great view. It’s good to read …

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