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Now when we leave all our stuff and go to heaven, whatever happens to our
stuff won’t matter. We will still have the good stuff God has prepared for
us in heaven!!!!

How many crayons are in your box?

HUMOR: Teaching Grandma to use chopsticks…

Tornados in T-Town

Link to Sports Illustrated article

Human Trafficking? Resource links

            Not For Sale International Justice Mission Human Trafficking Polaris Project A sample of the latest trafficking conviction

Addictions Anyone?

Here’s the approach I’ve been taking with the Harry Potter books over the past few days – read a book and immediately moving to the next. This is totally unlike the fanatics (AKA crazy fans) who blitzed through the books as soon as they are released, who go to the theater at midnight to see the first showing, etc…


F5 – Function Key In all modern Internet browers pressing F5 will refresh or reload the page or document window. Open the find, replace, and go to window in Microsoft Word. Starts a slideshow in PowerPoint. Sometimes you just need to stop and reload!

If it weren’t for those shopping carts taped to the pillar…

the mighty power washer…

pressure washing
deep cleaning
blasting the unwanted, unwelcomed away