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The Super Bowl

It’s coming – Feb 5th – Giants and Patriots – in Indiana

I LOVE football – but don’t know much about the NFL. We tend to care more about college football here in Alabama. Here’s the thing – the biggest event for traffickers in the U.S. each year is the Super Bowl. Isn’t that sad?

Fair Trade Fridays

Learn about Fair Trade – what it is, how to identify fair trade products, how to move toward a slave-free world!

Social Media in the post 9/11 world

This article started my thought process… 9/11 In A Social Media World: How The Times Have Changed The absence of social media 10 years ago – what did we miss since tweeting, facebook, and texting were not widely used? This is another posting that is relevant; it compares 9/11/01 with the day Osama was killed in May …

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A Professor Professes Christ in Libya

95% of Libyans will never meet a real follower of Jesus. So as a Christian professor, he was a bit of an oddity among students and faculty.