digital Scripture

Does the format of Scripture really matter? Is it weird to use a laptop or tablet or phone instead of a book?

Originally, Scripture was shared by storying, then hand-written on scrolls. Gutenberg is credited with the first Bible printed with movable type in the 1400s. This huge advancement made printing more affordable and individuals were able to own a Bible. This is a big jump from a few hand-copied versions. The printed Word was the highest form of technological advancement in Bible reading.

With the creation of Bible apps like YouVersion, we can carry a digital copy of the entire Bible as easily as we carry our phones. We can read it in multiple languages and translations and versions. You can also take notes, mark a verse, compare versions, or share verses on Facebook or Twitter or blogs or Google+! My personal app of choice is Evernote – it syncs across multi-platforms and is easy to use on all of them.