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Living Water…

Head down now and determined, this day like hundreds before it; she can almost find her way in the shape of the stones as they pass beneath her feet; bread crumbs lining her path; familiar. Her eyes raise only as she nears the well

Easy recipes?

  Here’s a new place to look for “easy” recipes.

Google+ Privacy?

Although Google+ Plus has inherently more security, there are a number of things you can do and keep in mind, to make sure you’re doing all that you can to maximize your privacy options. Even if you have a, “let the world know” perspective, it’s still a good idea to understand just how Google+ Plus handles privacy.

a bit of perspective…

  So today I took a look at my Google Reader feed. As usual, there are more blog posts than I want to read – so I skim. I came to this one and thought I needed to share it. You see Kelsey is not starting college now like most of her friends who graduated …

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Hope of the Broken World

Watch Selah’s latest title track video

A Professor Professes Christ in Libya

95% of Libyans will never meet a real follower of Jesus. So as a Christian professor, he was a bit of an oddity among students and faculty.

HUMOR: Teaching Grandma to use chopsticks…

“On This Day”

  This book gives a brief glimpse into Christian history on a specific day of the year – great if you want to know what happened on your birthday, for example. By it’s nature, it gives a limited perspective on Christian history. If you find a tidbit of information about someone you will need to …

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modern-day Good Samaritan?

This is a real life Good Samaritan story – a story of reaching out to those who don’t have the strength to reach out themselves. It’s heartbreaking and tragic and frequent! It’s human trafficking – modern-day slavery.

Matt’s first touchdown!

August 13, 2011 – Matt Wyatt (#14) picks up a fumble and runs 65 yards for a TD!