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Happy Birthday to my church – Shades Mountain Baptist!!!

We are 100 years old today!

grace is

grace is forgiveness, but not just forgiveness.

grace is empowering and powerful, but it’s not just power.

grace costs everything and it’s free.

grace is freeing, but it’s not cheap.

grace is favor.

Social Media in the post 9/11 world

This article started my thought process… 9/11 In A Social Media World: How The Times Have Changed The absence of social media 10 years ago – what did we miss since tweeting, facebook, and texting were not widely used? This is another posting that is relevant; it compares 9/11/01 with the day Osama was killed in May …

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mega-churches in the SBC

This is a list of the mega-churches in the Southern Baptist Convention – published by Lifeway. My church is number 89. The definition of a mega-church is 2000+ in weekly attendance and givers to the Cooperative Program. These numbers are all self-reported. (Take them with a grain of salt!)

How many crayons are in your box?