grace is

Posted: September 11th, 2011 | Author: Serena Woods

grace is forgiveness, but not just forgiveness.

grace is empowering and powerful, but it’s not just power.

grace costs everything and it’s free.

grace is freeing, but it’s not cheap.

grace is favor.

favor is

  • approval
  • preference
  • bias
  • partiality

Grace is God saying: I approve you, I prefer you, I am biased toward you, I am partial to you.

God pours His grace out because He wants you. He made an excuse for you. He set things up so that you could win.

You ask Him to forgive you and He’s an infinite number of steps ahead of you.

While sin cripples you, grace gives you the power to run without the handicap.

You have to deny your own common sense and sense of justice, thereby denying yourself, to really grasp just a hint of the complexity of grace.

When you know that you can’t lose, then you’ll play the game because you enjoy it. There is no pressure, there is no competition, there is no getting kicked out, and there is only one MVP. Jesus in on your team.

He died to keep you there. There is no way He’s letting you go. He wants you to play.

Now go get back out there.

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