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5 Minute Challenge – Pakistan

Christians are a beleaguered minority caught between Islamic militant organizations that routinely target them for violence and an Islamic culture that discriminates against them. Death threats are routine for church leaders, beatings are common, and damage to church property occurs on a monthly basis. Christians cannot rely on government or the military to protect them.

5 Minute Challenge (2012)

Take the 5 minute challenge and commit 5 minutes a week to pray for each country on the World Watch List.

By the end of 2012, we will have prayed for all 50 countries on the World Watch List.

It’s all about Jesus…

Take the time to read this… It’s the blog post of Saskia’s thoughts from Passion 2012 – based on her experiences in the battle against human trafficking around the world. I’ve been following her journey for a year or so, and it’s worth your time to hear from her.