Urgent email campaign to raise your voice for Deimante, 7 year old Lithuanian

Update: Victory for Deimante!!!! Read more here…

WARNING: The video and material surrounding this 7 year old Luthuanian girl is graphic and very disturbing! See more information. View with caution.

Deimante is a 7 year old who has been rented to men by her mother. Her father has been murdered while trying to fight for her. The courts will decide in the next few days whether she can live with an aunt or will be returned to custody of her mother. We can help by sending the following email to the four addresses below. Include your name, city, state and country. Raise your voice against this injustice!





Paste the following email to the four email addresses above.

I am writing on behalf of Deimante Kedyte.

I understand the Lithuanian judicial system is about to determine whether or not to uphold the decision to remove Deimante Kedyte from the home of her aunt, Judge Neringa Venckiene, and force her to return to her mother.

I write to protest such a decision before a complete investigation has been performed, with full international disclosure of the process exploring Deimante’s testimony of sexual abuse.

As you know, child trafficking or sexual assault upon any minor is a serious international crime. As a prominent leader of Lithuania, I ask you to take a public stand against child-sexual abuse and human trafficking by performing a highly transparent investigation of all Deimante’s allegations.

A concerned citizen of the world on behalf of one child at a time, namely today: Deimante Kedyte.

Thanks for raising your voice! If you want to know more about this case, you can follow the message of Kimberly Smith of Make Way Partners.