Update on Achu – Praise Him!

from Kimberly Smith Blog by Kimberly L Smith (Author and Co-founder and Co-President of Make Way Partners)
[first mention of Achu –  Wed, February 15, 2012 – Please pray for a young girl from the community named Achu.  A year ago Achu broke her leg and the bone is STILL sticking out of her leg and dying.  We offered to fly her to Juba to get it operated on – but her father is a drunk and her mother is dead and we are not sure that he will give us permission to fly her out to amputate her leg or if he will just let her die.  Please pray for Achu’s father to open his heart and for Achu to stay strong until we can fly her out for life-saving surgery.]
I was so excited to receive this fantastic report from Achu’s doctor that I decided to send it to you exactly as he wrote it to me.Dear Kimberly  –

My name is Dan Galat, the orthopedic surgeon supervising Achu’s overall care.  I am happy to report she is doing very well!  The large piece of dead and infected bone was removed leaving a big hole that will need to fill in with new healthy tissue.  This will take place very slowly over time.  She has been undergoing daily “whirlpool therapy” soaking her leg in a Jacuzzi-like tub filled with very dilute chlorine water to help clear up any remaining signs of infection.  I anticipate that in the next few days, we will be able to begin wound VAC therapy, using a sponge and suction to encourage the formation of what we call “granulation tissue” which will eventually fill this large defect.  We are also maximizing her caloric and protein intake so that this defect heals more quickly.  Our plan is to keep her, possibly up to a month or longer, using this wound VAC therapy and once the defect begins to fill with granulation tissue and she is able to manage dressing changes on her own (and with her family), she can go back home.  Amazingly, she has a large bridge of bone posteriorly that is healthy, new bone, and is thus still able to walk!  She is all smiles now when we see her outside in the courtyard and on daily AM rounds…she is a beautiful young girl!

Please pray that:      (1) the new bone continues to strengthen and remodel so that it is healthy.
(2) the defect would fill quickly with healthy granulation tissue.
(3) Her time at Tenwek would allow her to experience how much God loves her.

Serving with you,


Daniel Galat, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon
Tenwek Hospital
PO Box 39
Bomet, Kenya 20400