Invisible Children’s Real Achievement: There May Never Be Another Rwanda

[Title from Forbes article]

If you’ve been under a rock and haven’t seen or heard of #KONY2012, here’s a link. It’s a VERY powerful display of the power of social media. The video has been viewed millions of times in the past few days, when the original goal was only 500,000 views in the year 2012. There are controversies about the campaign and Invisible Children – the charity behind the video. I’ll leave you to google it and sort out your own opinions on that. This Forbes editorial suggests that the biggest result of this video may be in prevention of similar horrors in the future – that maybe the greatest result of this campaign will be to prohibit future Hitler’s or Kony’s from gaining power. Maybe?

My point is that social media and awareness is a powerful tool – and it’s FREE and AVAILABLE and we CAN spread the word. That message could be about human trafficking and atrocities that it brings. Social media is already the primary method of communication for the human trafficking fight. Local and global information can be sent to huge numbers of folks in a very short amount of time. How will we use this tool in the future? What could be done? What ideas do you have for getting the word out? Traffickers hide in the darkness and in the shadows, trying not to be exposed. What could we do – with twitter or a little video or Facebook or email – to point out that human trafficking IS modern-day slavery? Ideas? Anyone???

Just to be clear — I know that these same tools can and should be used to make Jesus famous. That’s cry of #KONY2012 video – to make Kony famous so that a critical mass of folks know about him – and the revolt of the public ‘should’ force governments to find him and bring him to justice. What if we were to create a campaign to make Jesus famous – to make Him known around the world – so that the world would realize that HE IS JUSTICE. How do you think the world would look and think and react if a critical mass of folks acknowledged Jesus as King? Just something to think about…