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Funeral Processions – what should you do?

As I was leaving work for lunch yesterday, I met a LONG funeral procession coming up Columbiana Road. It must have had 50 cars. Now, Columbiana Road is a four-lane there with a center turn lane. There was no logistical reason to pull over, but growing up in small town America – that’s what you do! …

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Observations from the dog park

I took Molly & Moe to the Hoover dog park last night. It was fun! They got to run and sniff other dogs and greet other people. Amazingly, folks trust other people (and dogs) within the fence. I expected other people to make sure M&M were safe and OK with the other dogs – and they …

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ASAP – Alabama Roadside Assistance

Driving home from the beach yesterday, we passed a girl/woman with a flat tire on the interstate median. She was changing the tire herself. Not feeling capable or equipped to stop and help her, I felt I needed to do something. So I dialed *HP, for the ASAP (roadside assistance) truck. I was greeted by …

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